Beautiful Custom Designed Furniture

At Andrew's Fine Woodworking we specialize in building custom designed furniture along with our standard designs. If you have your own pictures or ideas, bring them in to our store along with sizes of components or room dimensions and we'll sit down with you and help design the furniture that suites your needs and taste. We have over fifteen years of experience in the designing and building of all types of wood furniture.

Custom colour matching is one other area that we do a lot of work in. So bring a colour sample along to ensure we can match the exact colour you need to make your piece fit in.

Being a custom shop allows us to spend extra time to produce a top quality item that we are very proud of. Backed up with proper joinery and quality materials it's sure to stand the test of time. We pay close attention to details and the design which helps us to ensure an all around well-proportioned piece.

Of course if there are any concerns about how something might look, we can just step into the shop and have a look at your piece in progress and make sure that we have it right. This is just one of the advantages of dealing with the manufacturer.

In our showroom you can view many of our standard pieces and get a feel for the quality of furniture we build, or browse through our portfolios filled with custom pieces we have produced through the years. The fact that we build only one or two pieces at a time instead of a production line approach allows us to add an inch or two in size in order to suit your individual requirements, and most importantly, to keep our prices reasonable.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.